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Why MalaImpro Vol.1?

MalaImpro Vol. 1 is designed to give you all the elements you need to start improvising starting from the ground up!


In order to understand this course at its maximum, you will need some pre-acquired knowledge. We talk about some of these in the methods “ Let’s Get The Major Scale" and “Let’s Groove with the Pentatonic”. We will, in fact, use all these elements and develop them both rhythmically and melodically.


This method contains 29 lessons that will help you develop your own style of improvisation.


I will give you a lot of cool advice on how to improve your timing already in the first few lessons. Once we have done this we keep on going with the melodic exercises, applying rhythmic exercises to elements of the Major Scale on many different harmonic concepts.


From here to the swing interpretation, the step is mandatory.


Once you acquire the swing pronunciation, we start improvising using the Pentatonic scale, which will increase your vocabulary more and more.


At the end of this journey you will be able to construct phrases that will determine your personal style.

Do you want to improve your bass playing?

It’s time to get serious about your playing. Whether you are just starting out or already at an advanced level, it’s important that you always keep your practice routine in check and keep track of your progress. 


With The Ultimate Bass Bundle by Federico Malaman you will get clear goals and practice routines, along with exclusive access to an exclusive community of other bass lovers who want to improve just like you.

Worried about Online Learning not being EFFECTIVE?

Sometimes it can be frustrating practicing topics without a clear plan.


It’s hard to find motivation and challenge yourself when you are home practicing on your own.


We believe that Community, Accountability and the Right Guidance can have a huge impact on your practice results.


With The Ultimate Bass Bundle by Federico Malaman, not only you will get a lot of useful topics to practice, but you will gain access to a private community, led by Federico Malaman himself, where you’ll be able to share your progress, ask for advice, keep accountable and get motivation to reach your goal.


We are excited to present a private Facebook Group where Federico will be helping you and other bass lovers to stay on top of your practice routines with weekly live masterclasses on different topics.

During the masterclasses you will be able to ask questions about your practice journey.

I have always been a believer in simple, concise and to the point style of teaching.


My lessons are short in time, but jam-packed with laser-focused information to give you all the tools you need to go From Zero To Hero


You might have seen many other courses who brag about having “OVER 100 HOURS OF COURSES” and the “MOST EXTENSIVE ONLINE LESSON LIBRARY”, but sometimes quantity can get in the way of learning. 


Often, I have personally been bored to death by endless talking before an exercise. With me, no matter your starting level, you will get a real hands-on approach and get practicing straight away.


I will hold your hand with concise and straight-to-the-point exercises that will allow you to track your progress and enjoy the process of learning the most beautiful instrument, The Bass (Obviously).


With this method you will be able to do incredible things in a very short time.


These courses will be the most pragmatic online lessons you will ever see. 


My motto is Talk Less, Play More. #talklessplaymore


We will focus on Short Lessons, Simple Language and A LOT of practice.


What Will You LEARN with The Ultimate Bass Bundle?

Practicing the RIGHT exercises in the RIGHT way is much more efficient than practicing the WRONG exercises with no clear plan.


In The Ultimate Bass Bundle by Federico Malaman you will have exclusive access to a lot of incredible resources:


You will have access to an exclusive and previously unreleased Masterclass produced in collaboration with where Federico talks in depth about the walking bass and jazz improvisation.

You will have access to 5 incredible courses that will provide COUNTLESS hours of practice time, featuring many hours of in-depth video content, more than 120 high quality backing tracks for your practice sessions and detailed downloadable e-books with all the exercise transcriptions both in music notation and TABs.

You will have access to an exclusive 2-hour Online Masterclass where Federico Malaman will talk about a few topics, leaving then the open table for questions from YOU.

You will have access to a private Facebook Group for 12 months, where on top of keeping you accountable on your progress and interacting with other bass lovers just like you, you will get a LIVE 1-HOUR MASTERCLASS EVERY WEEK from Federico, exclusive access to unreleased content and early-access to new content being released.


  • 12 Months FB Group Access

    You will gain access to an exclusive private Facebook Group where you will get a LIVE 1-HOUR MASTERCLASS EVERY WEEK, plus early access to new content and much more!

  • 2-Hour Private Live Q&A Masterclass

    You will get an extra exclusive 2-HOUR Q&A LIVE MASTERCLASS where Federico will talk about different topics and answer all (or almost) your questions!

  • Previously Unreleased Jazz Masterclass ITA + ENG sub

    You will gain access to a previously unreleased Jazz Masterclass where Federico discuss about topics ranging from the Walking Bass Lines, to Soloing, to how to deal with Diminished Chords and much more! 

  • Let's Get The Major Scale ITA + ENG sub

    You will gain access to this amazing course that will cover a variety of topics featuring the Mother of all scales. The Major Scale.

  • Let's Groove With The Pentatonic ITA + ENG sub

    You will gain access to this course that will help you, step by step, increase your knowledge of one of the most used scales in music: The Pentatonic Scale.

  • MalaImpro Vol. 1 ENG

    This video course is designed to give you all the elements you need to start improvising starting from the ground up!

  • MalaSlap Vol.1 ITA + ENG sub

    Mala Slap Vol. 1 is the video course that will allow you to learn this wonderful technique starting from the ground up!

  • MalaSlap Vol. 2 ITA + ENG

    This video course is designed to help you achieve a very advanced level of virtuosity using the slap technique!

See What's Inside

You can have a taster of a FULL lesson from the course Mala Slap here below!

Who Is Federico Malaman?

Federico Malaman, bassist, double bass player and arranger, has gained authority as a reference virtuoso of the electric bass, in the most current international progressive jazz fusion scene.

What You Get

MalaImpro Vol. 1 ENG

By Federico Malaman

30 Video Lessons

36 High Quality Backing Tracks

Detailed Transcription eBook - XX Pages



Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a refund policy?

Unfortunately because of some people who bought, watched and downloaded all the material, and then asked for a refund, we decided not to offer refunds anymore.